Criteria for promoting people to the Python Triage team?

Python GitHub organization owners and the policy for that status are listed here:


Thanks Ernest. I’ve forgotten about that page.
I’ve linked to that section of the devguide from the triaging doc.

So would there be a best person for core devs to contact on that list with regards to promoting approved Python triage team candidates or would any of them be equally able to do it? My guess would be the people listed as having the “Infrastructure Staff” role would be the best to contact.

Good idea, I think that’s significantly better than specifying the individuals for the core devs to contact on the triaging page. That way, the information can be updated just on the org owner table instead of having to be updated in multiple locations.

Personally I plan to contact the two Infrastructure Staff members who are also Python core developers, so: @dstufft and @benjamin, but I think anyone under “owner” will be able to do it.

I always email infrastructure@ and let the list sort it out. :smile:

Does typically handle all of the permission management components? I wasn’t actually aware that mailing list existed, but that’s definitely useful to know about it.

They have enough stuff going on so it’s not exactly promoted as a hotline to reach out to and it’s only for stuff that goes above what core devs can do on their own.

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Kyle doing a good job as a member of python triger in somePR:

  1. Try to test PR’s code/function(this is a good review behavior)
  2. Have clear and good communication with PR’s owner
  3. Good study ability(maybe is a requirement for becoming a core dev :wink: )
  4. doing python triger’s regular work(using label and so on)

the above reason show commiters/users the vitality of python’s commounity.

Of course, other python triger member doing a good job too :slight_smile:

some REFS: