Data preparation

AS a part of data preparation using this input
qess. To print new column cumulative sum of time taken for each time stamp(unique) and count for respective unique time stmap

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For me, on Windows with Firefox, the picture covers most of your question.

You will need something like pandas’ df.groupby(["Repair date"], as_index=False)["Timetaken in min"].sum() operation.

As it is time datatype , so grouping is possible ?

Group-by operation can be done regardless of row data type. All that matters is that values are the same.

Slightly misleading. Groupby requires the datatype to be hashable and sortable. Rarely do you encounter that with builtin types but having stuck dataclasses into a dataframe before (I know eck) I’ve hit problems when I didn’t check the hash and sort features for dataclasses


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