Def all_workshop

Can someone help me with the following code?
I want to show a list of the work areas of a powerbi user. At the moment this code simply logs me in with a user external to O365 (it is a user of a mysql database) but I would like to test the code and manually pass a real O365 user
I have two doubts:

  • How can I pass the username manually?
  • How do I show the results on another page?


def all_workshop(app,session):
    api_response = requests.get(url, headers=get_request_header(app,session))
    if api_response.status_code != 200:
        abort(api_response.status_code, description=f'Error while retrieving Embed URL\n{api_response.reason}:\t{api_response.text}\nRequestId:\t{api_response.headers.get("RequestId")}')
    api_response = json.loads(api_response.text)
    return (api_response['value'])

Thank you.

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