Develope ML Models

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to develop ML modeles for below
.01. identify the most influential features in predicting a movie’s success.
02.determine the significant commercial success of a movie based on the given features
03.implement a machine learning model for seasonal movie release strategy

Im using the “tmdb 5000 movie dataset” availble in Search | Kaggle

if someone can help me with sample codes it will be a great help

Thank you

There are a number of Python libraries to help you with ML, take a look at Youtube and search for tutorials with them using words like [+Python ML AI library]

  1. In fact, here’s a whole Youtube series on making movie recommendations which may help. And only a year old!
  2. And a search for more.

As you watch these videos you will notice they use several different libraries.

And some general searches.


You can see the search keywords I used in the URL itself.


Do you have an understanding of the main ML models out there? I did some brief searching and found at least 4 major AI types.