Developing an IDLE File Manager Interface to Supplement the Shell Interface


I am a new user to Python IDLE. I noticed that there is a clear distinction between
this IDE and others on the market. Is this IDE ever going to implement a more
user friendly IDE that includes a file manager type of IDE as opposed to only
working directly from the Shell?

This would really make it much easier to work with different files as opposed to
having to minimize a window every time to open another window (or searching
from the pc terminal bottom bar). With the file manager type of approach, you
can simply click on a different tab to switch between files/modules.


Moved to Ideas. The Packaging category is to discuss how Python software is installed and distributed.


ok, thank you.

A multitab window is ‘planned’, but bugs and easy small features keep getting priority. In the meanwhile, the main menu Window item drops down a list of windows to select. Minimizing windows is not necessary.

Thank you for replying to my query. If developed with Python, shouldn’t this be pretty straight forward?
The main reason for learning Python is for its portability and that it is open source and its abundance of support material on the net. Another reason is for learning the Tkinter module/library as I am interested
in creating GUIs for controlling and interfacing with test equipment. From what I have read so far, you can do many things rather easily with regards to creating GUIs.

Can not the same philosophy be applied to creating a multi-tab type of window for Python rather easily
(relatively speaking of course)?

A file browser panel is more complicated than you seem to think (there are more types of files than directories and plain files, the interface needs to integrate well with the existing, care should be taken for dimensions and scrolling etc), and it needs people to request it, specify how it should work, write the code, test and debug it.
It would be a great addition, but the idea needs effort to become reality :slightly_smiling_face: