Development - Web based engineering tool

Hi Everybody, I’m an telecom engineer who started studying Python a couple of months ago in order to develop a web based tool that I plan to deploy. I’d like to pick your brain on which frameworks it would be best to use for it, since I don’t have much experience. Here’s a brief description of the tool:

  • Data collection page: here the user will input data such as:

       - square footage per floor of a building
       - ability to add/delete floors and buildings
       - a couple of "yes/no" questions
       - a couple of options A, B or C

Based on that, the tool will produce a list of materials needed to deploy this telco system. The output list has 4 columns: Type, Part Number, Description and Qty. The contents of the first 4 columns are static and the tool will calculate the quantities for each component. Then all this can be save as a project on the user’s account.

There’s so much information out there that find hard to decide which frameworks I should focus on to tackle it. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!

Hi Jose,

This sounds like you barely need a framework at all.

Especially if you are still learning Python, you probably don’t want to have to learn a big, complex framework at the same time.

Maybe try CherryPy?

Steven, thanks for the quick feedback. I’ll definitely start looking into CherryPy, thank you. I’m excited about this project, I hope I don’t get discouraged when I get stuck. Thanks again!