Directions for Python


(Steve Dower) #1

I recently discovered that the C++ committee created a special group of long-serving members to put together (and maintain) a paper setting out the goals and vision for C++ and its committee. Given our current situation, I think it’s definitely worth a read.

I’d love for us to have a similar kind of document and/or group, once the dust settles. The governance PEPs are not the place for this, but hopefully the one we select will put us in a place to be able to decide and agree upon similar statements to what are made in this one.

(In case the context is missing for some people, C++ has many more contributors than we do, and the committee only deals with the language and library standards, not the implementations.)

(Antoine Pitrou) #2

The recent evolution of C++ has been impressive. C++11 (and later) can feel like an entirely different language than pre-2011 C++.

This document is impressive too. Both the breadth and depth of vision and the detail in enumerating the various issues faced by the C++ committee.

(Brett Cannon) #3

I also agree the document was great! Hopefully once the governance is over we can consider creating a similar group of folks to help outline a similar doc for Python.

(Victor Stinner) #4

At the latest sprint at Microsoft, I discussed some with some core devs the idea of having a plan for the next 5 years. It doesn’t mean to assign tasks to invidiuals, but more show to everybody what should be done. For example, for companies who want to invest in Python, they may put resources on these projects. One example of such big task would be my big project to rework the C API to maybe later develop new better optimizations. I’m not sure if it’s the best example.

In my PEP 8015, I make the Steering Committee responsible of the “vision” of Python. Maybe deciding what at are the top N priorities for the next 5 or 10 years for Python would also be the responsibility of this committee. It doesn’t mean that they have to write them, but decide which ones are the most important according to them.