Disable keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts interfere with find-as-you-type (when it’s enabled in the browser). I also find them generally confusing and surprising, for example when by mistake you start typing without focusing a text field. Is there a way to disable them?

(I went to Preferences -> Interface and couldn’t find anything)


It’s not possible to disable the shortcuts in the preferences, maybe with some custom Javascript.

The long huge standing CTRLF saga is that we only do the hijacking if you are looking at topic so big that not all the posts fit on the page.

It is an unwinnable battle for us cause some users get mega surprised when text that used to be on the page is not on the page anymore (we peel off elements from the DOM as you scroll down on large topics)

It does pop up often enough that I am open to building a theme component to disable this via user settings if you prefer surprising search on large topics.

Well I would prefer if you didn’t “peel off” elements from the DOM in large topics. That breaks the common expectation for Web pages and, even regardless of the find-as-you-type issue, feels like undesirable behaviour.

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I agree - I find the fact that parts of the conversation get hidden, so you need to scroll through them to get them to reappear, very distracting and difficult to work with - especially in long threads, where the feature is presumably intended to help.

The feature is there to avoid browser memory usage bloat, but yeah it only gets real bad on image heavy topics, we can consider some refinements here.