Documentation community meeting: Tuesday, 6th February 2024

The next docs meeting will be held on Tuesday, 6th February, at 20:00 UTC on Google Meet.

The agenda will be on HackMD. If you have any topics to discuss, you can add them there so we can allocate time better. But important issues are best discussed here, in issues, or on Discord, rather than waiting for the meeting.


Just an FYI, I added this issue today after last month’s diataxis and HOWTO discussion. Add clarity about the HOWTO docs · Issue #114976 · python/cpython · GitHub Posting here for awareness.


Let’s add Cut the whale of the changelog into manageable pieces? · Issue #98 · python/docs-community · GitHub to March 2024 agenda. Let’s try to see if we can build on the consensus that it is a good idea and come up with some next steps.

Would this even be controversial? Projects with planet-sized changelog whales have long followed some scheme for rolling over changelogs. For example:

gcc/gcc/cp at master · gcc-mirror/gcc · GitHub (mirror)

There’s an annual commit entitled something like “Rotate ChangeLog files”


Yeah, and ISTM to be basically a question of technical implementation details at this point, rather than docs content that I understand the focus and expertise of the EB to be. In essence, it comes down to adding the reST source files with the miscnews directives (e.g. per feature version, and presumably in a changelog subdirectory) and either ensuring the NEWS in Doc/build/NEWS is split into files to begin with, or modifying the miscnews custom directive to so via an optional second argument.

@willingc Please could you add it to the HackMD? It may need clearing after the last meeting.

@mwichmann I think it’s more about not forgetting about it than being controversial :slight_smile:

@CAM-Gerlach That was one very long sentence! Please try to write shorter ones :wink:

Yes, I think it’s just a matter of “how”. We can already discuss on the issue/Discord, and follow up in the next meeting.

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Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: I edited the post to shorten it and break it up.