Downloading python question

I cannot use the latest version of python because my computer is 32 bit.
I see that version 3.8 or 3.87 should work.
I see it in the list of older versions.

I cannot find any way actually download it. How do I download version 3.8?

Per PEP 11, the latest Python version that officially supports Vista is 3.6.8. Microsoft’s extended support for Vista ended on 2017-04-11, and Python 3.7 was released on 2018-06-27.

Unofficially, 3.7.9 might work. Even 3.8.7 might work if the system has the KB2533623 loader update.

Thanks for the reply Eryk, I have another question, I see on the python web site where I can download the latest version of python.
I also see the list of the older versions. But I have not been able to find a way to actually do the download.

Any ideas? Gary

When you click on “Windows” in the downloads drop-down menu, it takes you to this page, which has links to downloads for all available versions of Python.

I did what you said below and on the “Windows” page found “Python 3.6.8 - Dec 24, 2018” and clicked it.

got a page and under “Note” it says (in blue) “Get latest releases of 3.6 and 3.8 here” and clicked it

and it looped me right back to the “Windows” page ???

For each version that has files available on the Python Releases for Windows page, there’s a link to download the docs (Windows help file) and links to download various installers. The installer that you want for 32-bit is “Windows x86 executable installer”.

The link that’s named for the version and release date, e.g. “Python 3.6.8 - Dec. 24, 2018”, takes you to a page with release notes and all downloads for that version. At the bottom it has a “Files” section, from which you can also download the “Windows x86 executable installer”.

I finally got it to install !!! When I try to run it I get a box asking if I want to modify it or repair it or uninstall it. ?

Is there something else I need.

No, you are restarting the installer.

Read the second paragraph here.

Eyrk, Did you get the below question where I said that I had successfully downloaded python version 3.6.8 ?
I did this from the website.

I also asked about running it. When I clicked on it all that happens is I get a drop down box with modify, repair and
uninstall options.

I also asked do I need another program to run it?

I got a reply from a “Meno Holscher” He said to use py.exe launcher and use command py. I have no idea where to obtain this.

Then he said to see Excursus: Setting environment variables for other ways to lauch Python.
I have no idea what he is talking about here or how to go about doing it.

So I still have no way to run the python 3.6.8


I finally got it to install !!! When I try to run it I get a box asking if I want to modify it or repair it or uninstall it. ?

Is there something else I need.

I also said “No” to the question if you needed something else; you already have it. It is part of the installation of Python. Open a windows terminal and type “py” and you will get a message about what python you have just started and a prompt (>>>) where you can try out python statements.