Dropping 32-bit packages

Update: in Pillow 10.0 (2023-07-01) we decided to stop providing 32-bit wheels for all platforms.

But we kept compatibility and are still testing 32-bit for the time being (Debian, Windows). We had a couple of issues opened, but no real pushback.


For h5py, we dropped 32-bit wheels on all platforms with h5py 3.0 in 2020; I think we also had one or two issues about it, but no serious push to restore them. There was more interest in adding ARM-64 wheels (which has now happened).

h5py is probably in a particularly favourable niche for this, though - a lot of the scenarios where people use HDF5 go along with powerful computers with plenty of RAM, which pushed people towards 64-bit long before we dropped 32-bit.