Hi everyone,
I recently learned the basics and I love Python!
On Google I have found nothing relevant regarding this topic, even here I don’t see a real match.
It seems just an error of accessing memory.
While exercising, my desktop gave this message:
Access violation at address 000000000040E95B in module’PyScripter.exe.
Exemption class: EAccessViolation
Exemption message: Access violation at address 000000000040E95B in module’PyScripter.exe.
Exemption address: 000000000040E95B
PyScripter version: x64
Python Dll: python 39.dll
Python engine: peRemote
Stack list generated ….

Should I worry?
Thank you for your support

For user-mode code, an access violation exception (0xC000_0005) is raised if it tries to access an address in a range that’s excluded from user space (e.g. x64 user space is 128 TiB, i.e. the 47-bit range up to 0x0000_7FFF_FFFF_FFFF), or in general a range that isn’t committed memory or is protected from the attempted access (e.g. trying to write to read-only memory). Trying to read the kernel-space address 0xFFFF_FFFF_FFFF_FFFF will certainly raise an access violation.

The exception report includes the module name (“PyScripter.exe”, an IDE) and relative address of the code that caused the exception. That can be helpful to a developer who needs to resolve the issue, but it’s not of any use to a user.

Hi Eryk,
thank you for your support.
This definitely show how ignorant I am regarding programming!
I even have not clear the difference between user/developer!
As I wrote I was exercising: sometimes I write pieces of code, sometimes I copy from YouTube tutorials…
My computer works well, it just gave me that report after an exercise over fast modular exponentiation (that day I also copied and run a code for elliptic curves)…
From your reply I understand that I have to post my query in another forum, am I correct?
What I would like to know is just if I have to worry regarding an external violation or if it’s just the system that is telling me “ you did something wrong”…

A crash like that is unlikely to be from anything you did wrong. It’s a bug in PyScripter.

Thank Eryk for taking the time to reply to me.
I am gonna post the stack list on the developers forum to learn more.
Have a great day/evening

As a sidenote, are you aware Windows has a screenshot feature, most conveniently exposed through Snipping Tool?

yes, I am aware of it, but I am not using my desktop right now, I am on my mobile…
I noticed that the uploaded image is not the first part of the stack list (I enclosed it here, sorry if I don’t use the screenshot)…
I was looking for another forum but it seems to me that on Python.org there’s no one where it make more sense…any suggestions?
Thank you.

As Eric explained, this appears to be a bug in the PyScripter IDE (the graphical program you are using to edit your code), not in the Python interpreter (that runs your Python code, and what this forum is about). A quick Google showed this as the top hit for PyScripter. Searching their issue tracker shows no less than 21 users already reported a similar issue. Also, to note, simply googling PyScripter EAccessViolation shows pages worth of hits for the same or a similar problem, which may be helpful.

If you download their latest release and it still is not fixed, please report the bug to them there, as there is nothing anyone here can do about it. Best of luck!

Probably what I missed in my search on Google was “PyScripter”…it seems there are already answers to that indeed…
I will check!
Thank you for your suggestions.

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