Easiest way to run Python 2.1 on a recent Mac?

Yes, you read that title right. I really did mean Python 2.1.

I’m digging into some historical Python behaviour in order to better understand why some of the current Python documentation is the way it is.

What would be the easiest/quickest way for me to get a Python 2.1 prompt to play with on a modern Mac laptop? (For this particular case Python 2.1 would be good, but other similarly ancient versions would be of interest, too.) I’m happy for that Python prompt to actually be on a Linux VM or in a Docker container if that’s easiest.

One option is to download the source and do the ./configure && make dance directly. I’ve started along that path, and it’s looking feasible, but it’s also looking like something that’s going to take a few hours; before I invest that effort, I thought I’d see if there was anything easier.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else had to do anything similar? Are there existing containers that could be used for this?