Email limit? (plus some junk since this has to be at least 15 characters... really?)

I just noticed this footer on an email:

Heads up: We send a maximum of 100 daily emails. Check the site to see the
ones that might be held back. PS thanks for being popular!

If this is the case then Discourse really won’t work for email folks. I see that threading does seem to work properly in my email client with mailing list mode turned on, but if it clamps at 100 per day…

I believe that this is a setting: Daily limits for outgoing mails per user - feature - Discourse Meta



I will increase it to 500 for now.

Actually, I have disabled the limit. Let’s see how it goes.

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Oh, and I believe the requirement for a 15 character limit is also a setting.

Thanks, Pablo!

This category is restricted to core developers, but the topic should interest more people. I suggest to move the topic to “Discourse Feedback” or “Users”.

I don’t think the topic minimal length is necessarily a bad thing. Not to hold onto this particular example but what is an “email limit”? You could be more descriptive to make it easier for others to figure out what a given topic is about by just reading the title.

If your first response to this is to put passive aggressive junk to fool the limit, well, I guess that works, too.