Embedded python power BI

I have an app that embeds power bi. On the one hand, I have def get_embed_info() that calls PbiEmbedService that generates the embedded with the data from worskpace, report_id…

def get_embed_info():
'''Returns report embed configuration'''

config_result = Utils.check_config(app)
if config_result is not None:
    return json.dumps({'errorMsg': config_result}), 500

    embed_info = PbiEmbedService().get_embed_params_for_single_report(app.config['WORKSPACE_ID'], app.config['REPORT_ID'])
    return embed_info
except Exception as ex:
    return json.dumps({'errorMsg': str(ex)}), 500

In turn, this class calls get_request_header() which in turn needs get_access_token()

def get_request_header(self):
    return {'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + AadService.get_access_token()}

class AadService:

def get_access_token():
    '''Generates and returns Access token

        string: Access token

    response = None
        if app.config['AUTHENTICATION_MODE'].lower() == 'masteruser':

            # Create a public client to authorize the app with the AAD app
            clientapp = msal.PublicClientApplication(app.config['CLIENT_ID'], authority=app.config['AUTHORITY_URL'])
            accounts = clientapp.get_accounts(username=app.config['POWER_BI_USER'])

            if accounts:
                # Retrieve Access token from user cache if available
                response = clientapp.acquire_token_silent(app.config['SCOPE_BASE'], account=accounts[0])

            if not response:
                # Make a client call if Access token is not available in cache
                response = clientapp.acquire_token_by_username_password(app.config['POWER_BI_USER'], app.config['POWER_BI_PASS'], scopes=app.config['SCOPE_BASE']) 

            return response['access_token']
        except KeyError:
            raise Exception(response['error_description'])

    except Exception as ex:
        raise Exception('Error retrieving Access token\n' + str(ex))

Well, finally I have the def all_workshop that what it does is generate a list of all the work areas of a user

def all_workshop(app,user):

api_response = requests.get(url, headers=get_request_header(app,session))
if api_response.status_code != 200:
    abort(api_response.status_code, description=f'Error while retrieving Embed URL\n{api_response.reason}:\t{api_response.text}\nRequestId:\t{api_response.headers.get("RequestId")}')
api_response = json.loads(api_response.text)
return (api_response['value'])

This code needs two parameters (app and user) which should come from the get_request_header() def which should in turn come from get_access_token(). I understand that the app parameter is the application itself, and user should take it from POWER_BI_USER The problem is that I don’t know how to send these parameters from get_access_token() Can you help me?

Thank you.