Environment variables, python is aliased to something else

So I just installed Python and in my environment variables I have added the Python directory and the pip (Python’s package manager)'s directory.

Pip works just fine, but when I type the word “Python” into cmd, it keeps launching the Microsoft store pointing me to Python app install.

I believe that the name “Python” was already aliased to something else, so most likely something is overriding it.

I need Python to stop being aliased to whatever it is being aliased to, so where would I go?

Hi Johnny,

On Linux I would use “which” to find out what the name python was
aliased to:

[steve@ando ~]$ which python
alias python='python2.7'
[steve@ando ~]$ which python3

Maybe this will help you find a Windows equivalent?


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It turns out I had to go here and turn these both off.