Error on importing ASYNCIO module

Greetings. I’m using Python 3.8.8 (x86) on WIndows 7 x64 and I have issues when trying importing asyncio module.

. At the same time, on other Windows 7 installation - everything works. There must be some missing kb update and I don’t know which exactly. What dependencies asyncio has on Windows (technically - _overlapped.pyd)?

Sorry, I can’t read whatever language the error message is in. Russian?

Please translate to English.

Also, please do not post screen shots of errors, or code. People reading
by email will see only something like this:

![Image 1|660x500](upload://v7wllNuQedHAbFQsyGUANxPf84D.png)

which is meaningless. The blind and visually impaired will have
difficulty contributing. And if there is code we need to run, we would
have to re-type it, possibly introducing new errors.

Please copy and paste the code you ran and the full traceback,
translating any error messages to English.

If you are getting an OSError, that indicates some sort of file system
or operatig system problem, usually wrong permissions, but possibly
something like disk corruption.

Google translate suggests the error message shown is similar to:
[WinError 0] The operation completed successfully

A message like this was was reported on stackoverflow, where comments suggest it to be a mismatch between the virtual environment and the running python.

Sorry. I thought that error code was enough.
The code was absolutely one line:

import asyncio

And I already read that article from SO, and don’t use any kind of virtualenv, it was all clean install. I’ve tried even embeded version of Python and found out than WinError 0 happaens only in 32bit version of Python. But on work machine - both versions work good.