Error with dependencies

Hi, I am going crazy, cannot seem to figure this out. I also tried installing Chatterbot and same error message, which I am copying below.
I would greatly appreciate if someone can assist me.

pip subprocess to install build dependencies did not run successfully.
│ exit code: 1

What are you trying to do?

Please post the complete error message surrounded by triple back ticks (```).

Poker ai ……

Please post the complete error message.

Hi, I closed it and now I cannot recall what I did. :no_mouth: But I have another question please. I downloaded another app similar to poker AI and I want to run it. Do I do PIP install and the name of the file or location? I am looking to start training soon.

The thing you downloaded probably has some documentation that might explain how to set it up and use it. If not, then maybe it has a way to get in touch with the authors or maintainers and ask them these questions.

Without knowing what is this thing you have downloaded or where you downloaded it from, there is no way any of us here can give informed guidance, only semi-random guesses.

So… What is this thing you downloaded, where did you downloaded it from, where do you want to use it?

It is a poker bot. I have the instructions…