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good morning
I found this code in kaggle, which I will need in my studies.
This code is the Segmenting Buildings in Satellite Images program, made by K Scott Mader.
Is there someone who can explain to me the steps of the code, as well as the usefulness of each instruction.

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Hello, @bnsdk, and Welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse!

That is very interesting code. Have you considered also asking your question on a forum related to satellite imagery or geographic information systems (GIS)? On such forums, you may find expertise concerning specific algorithms used in those fields of endeavor.

If you do cross-post this on another forum, please supply us with a link here to your initial post.

the two.
because my subject is: the extraction and classification of buildings in spatial imagery by deep learning method
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A good way to start studying the code is to make sure you have some understanding of the general purpose of each of the packages that are used in the program. The following code imports those packages:

import numpy
import json
import pandas as pd
import os
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from skimage.io import imread
from matplotlib.collections import PatchCollection
from matplotlib.patches import Rectangle
import numpy as np

Are you familiar with the following?:

You can follow those links to learn more.

Also see Python 3 Documentation to look up Python functions and methods that are used in the code. After that, you can pose more specific questions.

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Thank you for your efforts for me.
I will start with these libraries, then I will ask you other questions as I go.

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