Face recognition Jarvis project error

Probably this has something to do with the content of the script. It might be possible to help you in detail if we can see the relevant code. But better yet will be to apply standard debugging techniques and, if you find something that you can’t understand, to produce a minimal reproducible example of the problematic code. Please also read the pinned thread and make sure you understand how the code formatting works here. Error messages should be formatted like multi-line code, because Python designed them with the expectation that you’ll read them inside a terminal window.

From what is shown here: the error message is showing one line out of many from your code, where a problem occurs: imagePaths = [os.path.join(path,f) for f in os.listdir(path)]. It says that The system cannot find the path specified: 'samples, and this is an Error because a File is NotFound. More specifically, the part of this code that tries to look for a file (actually a folder) is the os.listdir call. You should check the value that is being passed as the path and make sure that it makes sense.