Facing problem in printing a large number of points for my problem

I previously explained my problem that I want to print each output to specific .txt file and than repeatedly do it for several points and even if there some error which generally stops the program at some midway , can’t happen in this case

For this I have used the simple line which is giving each numbered output to specific folder
for %i in (1,5) do python.exe test_model.py > tests/TestModel_%i.txt

But I am getting only 1 and 5 as output in the above example.

So I need to print nearly 100 s of such i by such simple command without using additional for loops

I think here I can get a suitable answer

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Your question is about the Windows shell (powershell?). You need to look in the documentation of a for loop syntax and find out how to iterate a range in powershell.

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