FastAPI with Dash/Plotly

Hello guys,

I have two questions:

  1. I need a direction on getting this to work. I would like to know how to get a FastAPI to work on Dash/Plotly. I can do manual input of CSV file but don’t know how to get a FastAPI to work in other get create a Dataframe.

  2. What I have done so far. I have these two FastAPI created and working fine. But I need more statistics done on two NBA players. When I took this link([]=115&player_ids[]=237 ) to python to create a FastAPI, I was not able to input the parameters correctly because there are three to be supplied whereas the other two that worked fine for me is only one parameter. See the links below:[]=115&player_ids[]=237

How would I supply the three parameters at runtime (season / player_id / player_id) ?
Here are my end points below:

def get_nba(player_name: str, q: str = None):
    nba = get_player(player_name)
    return nba

def get_nba_team(team_id: str, q: str = None):
    nbateam = get_team(team_id)
    return nbateam
def get_playerstats(player_id: str, q: str = None):
    playerstats = get_player_stats(player_id)
    return nbastats