Faster CLA-signing process?

It seems that one of the first things new contributors go through is this process that takes a day or more to register as completed on GitHub. It would be nice if this turnaround time could be faster.

I don’t know much about the technical or legal or organizational details of the process, but I think there would be great benefit in shrinking that time (from signing to “CLA not signed” PR label removed) from ≈24 hours to every hour or even every few minutes.

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I’ve observed the same thing. As I understand it, each CLA is processed by a human at the PSF (could be wrong though).

If so, I imagine that that manual step exists for some legal reason. But maybe there’s some way it could be automated? Not sure who the best person to ask is.

Yes, there’s a person in the loop, for legal reasons.

My CLA signing took around 4 days, and I got a bit scared at first thinking that I’d been rejected or something. I had to email to ask if my signing was successfully or perhaps there was something wrong. I provided my GitHub name and bpo credentials in the email for the person behind to rectify if there were any mistakes I did while in the signing process. Alas, I checked python_check_cla the next day and my CLA had been verified.

My suggestion is this, while someone has immediately finished signing, let them be immediately notified in a dialog that their CLA verification might take a minimum amount of time, say 4 days or so, to process and then send them a notification via email when the CLA verification is done perhaps. I think this will just help them have some peace of mind, knowing that they are being worked on.

The human verification step is required I’m sure, but I think the other parts can be automated, especially letting new contributors know that they are being worked on and probably informing them in case anything goes wrong in the signing process.

Would a CLA pending label be possible for users who have submitted the form, but when the form has not yet been manually processed?


Definitely. That could be reassuring to the new contributor and give them the strength to be patient.

Indeed right now there is a manual process by a PSF staff to review the CLA.

We’ve been looking for alternatives for how to check CLA. We’re hoping to automate this process (See: Proposed Improvements to CPython's new CLA Host · Issue #360 · python/core-workflow · GitHub). I also think that once GitHub issues migration is complete, things would be simpler.

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