February Steering Council update

I’ve just published the February steering council update , also included below:


  • The SC agreed on the reply for PEP 670 (Convert macros to functions in the Python C API).
  • The SC discussed PEP 674 (Disallow using macros as l-values), and will start a doc with the reply.
  • The SC agreed to reject PEP 677 (Callable Type Syntax).
  • The SC discussed the status of reverting PEP 663 (Standardizing Enum str(), repr(), and format() behaviors) changes.
  • The SC agreed on a reply to Mark’s question about stack protection (Is it OK to implement stack protection? · Issue #102 · python/steering-council · GitHub).
  • The SC discussed moving pythoncapi_compat under the python or psf organization.
  • The SC discussed requiring 2-factor authentication.


  • The SC met with the Developer-in-Residence and discussed the GH issue migration and the CLA bot.
  • The interim PSF General Manager gave an update on funding for the Developer-in-Residence position, and the PSF funds earmarked for Core Development.
  • The SC discussed the state of the enum module in 3.11 and the changes that were reverted in 3.10.
  • The SC shared thoughts on an overall strategy for development of Python’s C API, and will start on a doc to share with everyone.
  • The SC discussed PEP 680 (tomllib).


  • The SC reviewed some of the pending draft replies for PEPs and other communications.
  • The SC discussed and accepted PEP 680 (tomllib).
  • The SC discussed the status of the typing PEPs (PEP 649 and PEP 563) and how to move them forward.
  • The SC discussed some details of PEP 678 (Enriching Exceptions with Notes).
  • The SC discussed PEP 675 (Arbitrary Literal String Type) and how to handle typing PEPs in the future.
  • The SC accepted PEP 594 (removing dead batteries from the standard library) and accepted it.