Few questions about the Python

Can python be used instead of javascript in UX/UI development?
Can HTML/Python be used as a native desktop/mobile UX/UI engine without using WebView?

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Python can be used for web apps as well as desktop apps.

For web apps:

  • Doing this with CPython is new, and they’re reportedly working on making Micropython an option for that too. The biggest push for this appears to be largely affiliated with Anaconda.
  • For now, you might be well off with https://pyreact.com/ and React to Python · GitHub . I know the author - nice guy.
  • Or you could explore Python-in-the-browser technologies . It’s a little old, but still, it surveys many python-in-a-web-browser technologies.

For python in desktop apps, have a look at GObject Introspection (mostly on Linux, but I use it on MacOS too), Pyside (supports many desktop OS’s, but may still have a restrictive license), Tkinter (comes with some distributions of Python, but isn’t used all that much). There are probably others.