Finding Training Course

I hope someone here can provide some direction for me.

I have been working with a young man with a learning disability. Once he learns something, he does very well with it. It just takes him a little more time to process new information.

He has expressed interest in learning Python. He and I have signed up for various online beginner courses, many of which claim to be “at your own pace” courses. We sit down together twice a week and go through the courses for about an hour. Unfortunately, most, after 4-5 weeks will suddenly cut off access to the course materials. The best course I have found so far was on EdX, but after access to the course “expired”, we have not been able to re-enroll in the class. I have been reluctant to pay for their courses, since I am not convinced that we would be able to access the course materials long enough to finish the course, even after paying for it.

I am looking for a reasonably priced Python course (I will likely be paying for two people), that is geared toward a beginning programmer, that can really be done “at your own pace”, so that I can help this young man learn to program in Python.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Even if not a full class-style course, if there are good walk-through style tutorials that would be good for a beginner, we could probably work with that as well.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Don’t worry, You can take a Python course from APTRON. Both Online and Offline classes are available.