First Discourse post - Just saying hi!

Hello all,

I am a student with Saint Leo, learning Python or rather, another way to say Hello World! Look forward to gaining insight from all of you here.

-Jeremiah N.

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Hello, @Jeremiah.Nunez, and welcome to Python Foundation Discourse!

We hope you enjoy your first Python course and everything that follows!

The following pages offer useful information about this forum:

Please also see the discussions in the popular Users category, where many users of this forum ask and answer questions about Python.

If, at some time, you decide to post code within these discussions in order to request help or to offer help to others, please be sure to format it, so that important details such as indentation are displayed properly. One way to format code is to place lines of three back ticks before and after the code, as follows:

# example code
for i in range(10): # say Hello World! ten times
    print("Hello World!")

There is also a </> button at the top of the editing window for formatting code, after that code has been selected.