Following up stories about beginning contribution

Hello everyone,

(This is posted in parallel to an email to the core-mentorship and python-dev mailing lists.)

Following up my request for such stories in early August, I have received 10 such stories which may be shared publicly, and several more in private.

As a first step, I’ve create a repository with all of the publicly available stories, so that they are easily accessible and readable from a single location. I have made sure to collect written consent from all authors to use these stories publicly. Hence, everything there is published under the CC 4.0 license, with attribution to the original author and a link to the original post/message/tweet.

If any author is uncomfortable with these publication terms, please let me know ASAP!

My next step will be to read through the stories again recognize common and obviously critical problems or patterns. I’ll publish those findings and plan to follow up with a structured survey in hope of collecting information and opinions specific to those issues from a larger number of people. Then, hopefully, we’ll have a solid foundation for making improvements.

CC @jdemeyer @uranusjr