For loop and keys method to arrange a dictionary

Hello, I need help to use the keys method for dictionaries, the sort method for lists, and a for loop to print the keys and corresponding values in the alphabetical order of the keys. However, I am stuck on line 3 of the following example:

hospital_debt = {“Peter”: “$5000”, “Francine”: “$2000”, “David”: “$10,000”}

patients = list(hospital_debt.keys())


Could someone please point out a way to use the for loop to arrive at the following result?

David, $10,000 Francine, $2000 Peter, $5000

Okay. You now have a list object: ['David', 'Francine', 'Peter'] which you can loop over.

If you have a read of this and this, you should be able to create the loop and access the dictionary.

It’s then simply a matter of formatting a print() function for the output.

Please post your code formatted. Before posting, your code should be fenced off like this:

code block here
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By the way you do not need to call the keys function in cases like this.

parents = list(hospital_debt)
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Thank you for the pointer!

Thank you very much!

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