Fork of a fork - where is it?

Not sure exactly where to ask this question. Git/Github sometimes completely befuddles me. I long ago forked python/cpython. The fork lives here:

Sam Gross recently announced the no-GIL work he’s been doing and provided a Github link which is another fork of python/cpython:

I thought, “this is cool,” so I forked it thinking perhaps I could contribute in some small way. I can’t find my fork of Sam’s fork though. Thinking I made a mistake I tried to fork again. Github told me: “You’ve already forked nogil.” Where is it?

I just tried to fork nogil and got the message that I’ve already forked, showing me my fork (zware/cpython) and the official repo (python/cpython). I hadn’t previously tried to for nogil, so presumably your initial attempt didn’t work either and so your fork of his fork doesn’t exist anywhere :slight_smile:

You can pull in the nogil stuff in your own checkout by adding a new “remote”: git remote add nogil; git remote update

Ah, thanks. Yes, that did the trick. I suppose if I used Git day-in day-out I’d have realized that.