Found New Type of Argument in Function

the code I have made can prove as a new type of arguments for the python community

I think we can use it as a built-in decorator for new type function argument

user Input Function

f userInputMethod(func):
** def innerMethod(args):

** outPutList = []
** args = input()**
** args = list(args.split())**
** for i in args:**
** if “.” in i:**
** i = float(i)**
** outPutList.append(i)**
** elif i.isalpha():**
** outPutList.append(i)**
** elif i.isnumeric():**
** i = int(i)**
** outPutList.append(i)**
** return func(outPutList)**

** return innerMethod()**

def funOne(a):
** return a**


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Neat. This is hard to read though. Can you indent your code and use code blocks? Example:

def inner_method(*args):
    output_list = []
    args = input()
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Can you explain what your decorator does and why we would use it,
without expecting people to view an image or guess?

Thank you.

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