Future python JIT question

Will python3.13+ will have JIT by default? I see python3.13 and python3.13 with JIT (also known as python3.13-freethreaded) as separate thing during discussion in github repo. However I am worried JIT will be merged with python3 in future release. This is worrisome as it means python will be faster for sure but at cost of increased memory footprint? Does anyone knows if JIT python and normal interpreter python will be separate till infinity time or in future python3.15 or python3.16 it will be enabled by default (main interpreter becomes JIT interpereter)? There should at least option to disable it for people who dont want memory bloat (and also hot paths maynt show up or be present at code running for small time or some weird code and instead causes problems)

  • python3.13 with JIT and python3.13-freethreaded are different things (compare PEP 703 and PEP 744)
  • AFAIK, there are no plans to ever force enabling JIT. At some point it might become the default for python distributions, but you will always be able to build python without it since at least some supported platforms will not be able to have JIT at all.

Cool. Good to hear there will always be option to compile without JIT