Geographic coordinates conversion from meter to deg latitudine and longitude

Hi all, I have a geojson with many features where geographic coordinates are in meter (north and est) and I need to convert them in latitude and longitude coordinates in deg. I would ask if exist a simple procedure to do that.
thank you
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See pyproj - Python interface to PROJ (cartographic projections and coordinate transformations library)
This package provides function to convert lat/long to meters and meters to lat/long for many map projections.

thank you really much. I would add another question: I created the geoJson file but when I run the following commands:

from osgeo import ogr, osr
import os
driver = ogr.GetDriverByName('GeoJSON')
inDataSet = driver.Open("./EPSG3857.json")
inLayer = inDataSet.GetLayer()
inSpatialRef = inLayer.GetSpatialRef()
print("inSpatialRef ", inSpatialRef)
sr = osr.SpatialReference(str(inSpatialRef))
res = sr.AutoIdentifyEPSG()
srid = sr.GetAuthorityCode(None)

I obtain EPSG:4326 while the coordinates are in EPSG:3857. It is possible to change EPSG system for json file? I tryed with SetAuthority(“UNIT”, “EPSG”, 3857) but not works. Have you some solution?
thank you in advance

I have not used carto projections in several years, so I can’t help.