Get parameter in python client script

I’m calling this url from php side $filenames is a variable to pass filename


i want to get this filename parameter in my python client script.

Python script:

import asyncio
import websockets
import sys
import wave
import json
import requests
import io

async def run_test(uri):
        async with websockets.connect(uri) as websocket:
            wf ='test.wav', "rb")
            await websocket.send('''{"config" : 
                        { "phrase_list" : ["zero one two three four five", "six seven eight nine oh"],
                        "sample_rate" : %d,
                        "words" : 0}}''' % (wf.getframerate()))
            results = []
            buffer_size = int(wf.getframerate() * 0.2) # 0.2 seconds of audio
            while True: