Getting passed env: python No such file or directory

Here is a quick guide for explaining the problem clearly:

  1. Open a new terminal and use whatever commands are necessary to demonstrate the problem. For example, if we need to see the PATH environment variable, then use echo "$PATH" or whatever else is appropriate for your system. Since the primary problem occurs when you try to use Python, show a Python command-line invocation that causes the problem - whether that’s just python, python path/to/, directly running an executable script with something like ./, etc. - whatever actually is required, in your situation, to cause the problem.

  2. Copy and paste the relevant part of the terminal session - both commands and output/errors - to a new forum post, and format it the same way as multi-line code, following the explanation in the pinned thread. Make sure that we can see complete error messages, as they are output - don’t try to explain or describe what it says in your own words.

  3. If the problem requires specific code in a specific Python file, then show that as well - label each file with its name (and path, if they need to be arranged a specific way), and show its contents. But first, try to make each file contain the minimum necessary to demonstrate the problem.

This is hard to understand, because it seems to depend on “environment” meaning something that it doesn’t actually mean here (and which I can’t guess).