GitHub Beta Feature - Code Search

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #1

We’ve enabled a code search and navigation private beta with GitHub–and the folks within the Python organization on GitHub are among the first to try it.

With the new improvements, you can expect:

  • Support for code literals in when searching code within a repository. This means that searching for <- or >> should actually work!
  • For projects using JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Python, or Go, you will also see the following:
    • Boosted relevance on declarations of methods, functions, classes, etc. Now you can get to the source of a thing, rather than having to sift through all the call sites.
    • Jump-to navigation from symbols to their declarations, with hover-over highlighting for symbols which have those mappings available.

The documentation is here (, and once you’ve had time to use the improvements, please provide feedback directly to the GitHub search team by taking this survey ( or by emailing them at