GitHub Issues are now live!

GitHub Issues are now live!

The migration from to GitHub is now officially complete, and all the issues have been successfully transferred. :partying_face:

You can now browse, create, and comment on issues here: Issues · python/cpython · GitHub will remain available, with the following changes:

  • It will be read-only and it won’t be possible to create new issues, comments, or accounts
  • The content of the issues (including messages and metadata) will no longer be updated

In the coming days bpo will be updated so that:

  • Each issue will include a banner at the top that links to the corresponding GitHub issue
  • The main page will include direct links to the corresponding GitHub issues in the issue list
  • A new URL that accepts a bpo id and automatically redirects to GitHub will be set up

We will continue to work on improving the workflow and the documentation, so expect more updates from us!


During the past 15 years played a central role in our workflow. Planning and working on the migration took over a year and required over 200 changes across a dozen of repos and systems. The migration was only possible thanks to the efforts of several people, and I want to personally thank them all:

  • from the PSF and the Python core team:
    • Ewa Jodlowska (for kickstarting the project and for her essential help during most of the migration)
    • the members of the Steering Council (Barry Warsaw, Brett Cannon, Carol Willing, Thomas Wouters, and Pablo Galindo Salgado, for their feedback and guidance during the planning)
    • Mariatta (for writing PEP-581 and helping updating blurb and bedevere)
    • Łukasz Langa (for helping me manage the final stages of the projects, setting up the CLA bot, and more)
    • Ee Durbin (for their help with infrastructure-related issues and for their patience when I broke something)
    • all the core devs, triagers, and users that participated in the discussions, gave me feedback, created and reviewed PRs, and helped me with the migration
  • from the GitHub team:
    • Steffen Hiller (for helping me throughout the whole project)
    • Jared Fine, Alon Kenneth, Daniel Perez (for helping me test and perform the final migration)
    • Omer Bensaadon (for introducing and discussing new GitHub features that will help us and other open-source projects)
    • Kara Sowles (for helping during the early stages of the project)
    • all the other members of the GitHub team that answered questions, participated to meetings, and helped with the migration
  • from the Roundup team:
    • John Rouillard (who not only provided invaluable help and assistance throughout the whole project, but also contributed for many years to the growth of both and Roundup)
  • others:
    • Anton Korobeynikov (for sharing his experience with the migration of the LLVM project and helping us having a smoother migration)
    • Aaron Meurer (for sharing his experience with the migration of the SymPy project during the early stages of the project)
    • everyone else that contributed to the project

Known issues

Due to limitations in the available tools used and problems during the migration, there are a few issues that we are aware of. We are currently working to address them where possible.

  • User mapping from bpo to GitHub
    • Full mapping was only possible for members of the python org
    • All other users have been mapped to mannequins
    • Mannequins will use either GitHub ids (if specified on bpo) or bpo names
  • Issue subscriptions
    • Subscriptions migration was only possible for members of the python org
    • We are planning to send out emails listing issues you created, followed, or were assigned to
  • Message formatting
    • Messages were reformatted using a state-of-the-art AI that converted a mix of plain text, code, md, rst, and core dumps into MarkDown
    • The formatting might be off on some messages, but devs should be able to edit them to fix it
  • Duplicate issue events
    • Due to some problems during the import, some events got duplicated
    • Events include changes to labels, title, assignees, etc.
    • This only seems to affect issues at a cosmetic level – not functionally
    • GitHub will investigate the cause of the problem and look for a solution
  • Redirects and links from bpo to GitHub – edit: this is now fixed
    • Due to a problem during the issue ID mapping on bpo, several emails were sent out accidentally
    • This only affected users subscribed to a batch of old issue (created ~20 years ago)
    • Adding links from bpo to GitHub has been postponed
    • Links from bpo to GitHub issues and automatic redirects will be added later
  • Mails to python-bugs-list haven’t been implemented yet
    • Mails to new-bugs-announce should work
  • A replacement for the weekly report from Roundup is being worked on

Useful links

Happy bug reporting and fixing!


Yay! Congratulations to all involved.

Will the various test issues migration repositories get shut down/removed at some point? I’m still getting notifications from them, someone seems to be closing issues in at least one of them…?

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I made them private and I will wait a few days before deleting them in case something comes up with the migration. You should be able to unsubscribe from them using the “Watch” button at the top right.

Will bpo references on PR titles and comments be changed?

There are currently no plans about updating bpo references on PR titles. Once I add links from bpo to GitHub you will be able to get to the right issue with 2 clicks and bpo-* links in comments will redirect automatically to the GitHub issue. It’s also possible to manually link issues and PRs from the right sidebar, and it might also be possible to do it automatically.

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Congratulations @ezio-melotti , and team for pulling this off. This is a major infrastructure feat in cpython development. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Are the “python-bugs-list” and “new-bugs-announce” mailing lists going to be hooked up? I’ve been using them to keep track of issues that I’m not nosied on. I’d like to continue to do so. IIUC the alternative is to subscribe to every issue, which I’d rather avoid.

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Per the OP,

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Support for new-bugs-announce was added in bpo-to-github-migration notify new-bugs-announce on new issue open by ewdurbin · Pull Request #32421 · python/cpython · GitHub and it’s already active. There is an ongoing discussions about python-bugs-list here: Replace the sendmail script · Issue #7 · psf/gh-migration · GitHub

From the “Watch” button on the top right you can select “Participating and @mentions”:

If you select “Custom” you can subscribe to individual labels too, and you will automatically get notified when the labels you are following get added to an issue.

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Thank you!