Github Issues Migration: what's up?

Hi there,
a short status update.

Github people are working to speed up the migration to mitigate some of our painpoints listed in the previous update.

There are still quite a few items listed in our project to-do list and I was sadly AWOL for the past week due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which affected some of us personally. I’m mostly out of the woods now with the help I was involved in and I’m very much looking forward to the distraction of work.

Additionally, the Release Managers decided to simultaneously publish security releases for all versions of Python on Monday, March 14th due to some relatively urgent content. We have to have a functional bug tracker while doing the releases.

With all those reasons in mind, I’d like to let you know that we won’t be launching the migration on Thursday. Pending confirmation from the Github side, the date we are looking at now with @ezio-melotti is Thursday, March 24. We’re sorry to be dragging our feet here but all those three events listed above were out of our hands.

In any case, we’ll keep you posted.

Łukasz and Ezio


The words used in the legal profession (in the US anyway) are ‘force majeure’ :slight_smile:

No worries here. I understand that you have clearly had bigger fish to fry. (Sort of the poor man’s force majeure.)

I’m taking a (bicycle) framebuilding class from a framebuilder who has had his feet on the ground in both Michigan (for 40+ years) and Ukraine (for a couple decades). We’re trying to figure out how to get funds to some of his contacts there.

I know CPython development is not only a hobby but a job for Łukasz, but I still find it moving to see that this entirely remote relationship between people primarily directed towards improving a project technically turns into very real solidarity when the need arises. Hats off to those who make Python such a strong community.

My thoughts are also with those who cannot afford the distraction of work.


FWI, shows this banner for now.


Yes, I just added it :slight_smile:
Since users might not be aware of the migration and might not follow this forum, I thought it would be useful to inform them beforehand directly on bpo. The banner links at the other post about the migration, that contains more information and updated dates.


Random thought: What happens if we merge PRs or open new ones linking to an issue during the 4-7 day migration window? Traditionally those will modify the bpo issue. Would that cause any problems with the migration when bpo is down?

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Good question! bpo will stay up but it will be read-only, so any attempt to link new PRs to bpo issues or to post new messages about merged PRs will likely result in an error. This is currently handled by a webhook on the cpython repo that notifies bpo of the changes, and that can be disabled easily (I’ll make a note about that).
Is there anything else (e.g. bots) that interacts with bpo?

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