GSoC 2019 - Python Language

(Lysandros Nikolaou) #1

Hey everyone,

since the 2019 GSoC orgs were announced earlier today, I browsed around the Python Summer of Code Page and found out that one can also contribute to the Python language, if mentors are found.

Two of the ideas about a project would be to implement the python -m reportabug feature, that was mentioned on python-dev a few days ago (it was also mentioned that this would make a nice GSoC project, I think) or maybe doing some research on tools that could help triaging issues(this came up in a very short discussion I had with Cheryl). Other ideas (i.e issues where help might be needed that I don’t know of) are obviously welcome.

A bit of background: I am a Computer Science student in Berlin, Germany, where I moved to in September 2016, after having lived in Greece for the first 18 years of my life. Since last August I have been trying to take up open-source contributing and as I like Python and language theory so much, I thought about contributing to Python. I have already had some very minor PRs and have spent some time on the bug tracker, but I spend most of my time, going through the code base and trying to understand things I find fascinating. My lack of time hasn’t allowed me to do more, but if this goes through, I will make sure I put in all the time needed.

Would anybody be interested in mentoring?