Happy Holidays🎄 ⛄

Just wishing the Python Developer Body the best in this Holiday Season :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::snowman_with_snow::grin:. Special regards to the Core Developer committee, especially @nanjekyejoannah for taking me under her wing and mentoring me in order to be able to contribute to CPython some day.
Special regards to the triagers for handling the issues on the CPython repo quite smoothly. Also I appreciate the PSF for a Job well done managing this whole community.
And to the rest of us, this year did not go so well, but through this Holiday Season, let’s be thankful that we’ve gone through many huddles and come out Victorious.
This marks the end of this trying season, and the start of a new season, so we have a reason to celebrate and be happy :grin:.

Happy Holidays everyone :blush:

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