Heads up: upcoming cutoff for 3.8.10, last regular bugfix release for 3.8 on May 3rd

One week from now I will be marking the 3.8 branch as “security fixes only”. I still see activity on the branch, and there’s been a bunch of open pull requests. I reviewed and merged what I could, closed a few stale ones that had outstanding failing tests, and there’s still two left which I pinged.

I do realize that stars aligned and we will be releasing this last bugfix version of 3.8 at the same time as 3.9.5, and more importantly… 3.10.0 beta 1. So there might still be some backport pull requests coming my way for 3.8. This is all good and expected, just be a little conservative whether it makes sense to backport a particular change. While there’s still 2200 open issues on BPO listing 3.8 as one of the affected versions, I hope we won’t be seeing that many PRs this week :wink:

I’m personally rooting for [3.8] bpo-41100: Support macOS 11 and Apple Silicon by maxbelanger · Pull Request #25274 · python/cpython · GitHub to get in.

In any case, on Monday, May 3rd at 12pm CEST I will be cutting the 3.8.10 release. Any regular bugfix not merged and buildbot-tested by then will be omitted. If you need to block this release for any reason, use the BPO “release blocker” status and mark 3.8 as an affected version.