Hello Python Discourse!

Hello! As Python developer and Discourse admin it’s great to see an official Python Discourse. I was thinking about starting an inofficial one, but this is much better :slight_smile: I think replacing multiple mailinglists with Discourse is the right direction. I still can read important messages in my mail client but having a modern Web UI with full text search in all categories is a big plus for me. I also like the weekly summary mails for Discourse instances I don’t visit regularly.


The official status is that this website is still an experiment :slight_smile: There is no clear plan to remove mailing lists.

What happens if the experiment “fails”, will the discourse forum be deactivated?

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IMHO the experiment is a success. No idea of others have the same opinion.


So, it’s discourse the official mailing list now?

IMO results are mixed. Discourse is useful, but as a supplement to the mailing lists, not a replacement.

I remain strongly concerned about the scalability to larger lists (in terms of traffic or number of participants). Note that’s social scalability, not technical - I’m sure Discource can handle larger lists technically, but I doubt I’ll be able to follow discussions of the sort that happen on (say) python-ideas if they were migrated to here :frowning: