Help Needed: Deploying API Server for Pandasai Library on Railway or Render


I’ve created an API server that’s integrated into the Pandasai library. The server allows users to upload a CSV URL and a question in the JSON body, and it returns an answer accordingly. I’m looking to deploy this repository on a service like Railway or Render and could use some guidance.

What I’ve Done So Far

  • Created the API server using Python
  • Integrated it with the Pandasai library
  • Tested the API locally and it’s working as expected

What I’m Struggling With

  • I’m not sure how to configure the environment variables for Railway/Render.
  • I’m facing issues with the deployment.

What I’m Looking For

  1. Guidance on how to set up environment variables for Railway/Render.
  2. Any tips or best practices for deploying Python-based API servers on Railway/Render.
  3. Troubleshooting advice.

Repository Link

Here is the link to my GitHub repository: GitHub Repository

I would appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Thank you in advance!