Help with a programme

Hi! I have to write the following programme:
Open the file mbox-short.txt and read it line by line. When you find a line that starts with 'From ’ like the following line:

From Sat Jan 5 09:14:16 2008

You will parse the From line using split() and print out the second word in the line (i.e. the entire address of the person who sent the message). Then print out a count at the end.

My programme is:

fname = input("Enter file name: ")
file = open(fname, “r”)
count = 0
for line in file:
if line.startswith(“from”):
lista = line.split()
print (lista[2])

print(“There were”, count, “lines in the file with From as the first word”)

But the result is:
There were 0 lines in the file with From as the first word

Instead of the expected result:

Any ideas where the problem is?

“from” and “From” are different.

And the space is significant too. You’re starting on a parser for UNIX
mailbox files, and the start-of-message marker is a line commencing with
"From ". Note the space after the m (that space is present in your
problem specification, BTW).

Cameron Simpson