Hi I am Learning Python

Hello Everyone,
I am new here and starting another journey into learning a different programming language. Currently at Saint Leo University and loving it.


Welcome to the world of the Python programming language!

For extra background, watch some comedy by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. A lot of our examples and buzzwords come from that material.

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Hello, @CeeDubx2, and welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse!

If, when asking questions or offering replies, you decide to post code, please format it correctly for posting, so that important details such as indentation and quote marks are displayed properly. One technique for accomplishing this is to place lines of three back ticks before and after the code, as follows:

# example code
print("Monty Python Daily Menu")
for meal in ["breakfast", "lunch", "dinner", "midnight snack"]:
    print(f"Spam for {meal}!")

One example of this cultural phenomenon, as above, is the frequent use of the term, spam, in code examples. See: