Hi I am learning

will someone help in clarifying my doubts

Hello, @praveen_143, and welcome to Python Software Foundation Discourse! We hope you enjoy learning Python, and that you benefit from the discussions here.

So that we can provide effective help, you’ll need to ask specific questions concerning whatever doubts about Python that you wish us to clarify. In general, such questions are asked and addressed within the Users category of this forum. It might be a good idea for you to browse through some of those discussions in order to observe how such questions typically get asked and answered.

If, when initiating or engaging in discussions, you need to post examples of Python code, please format it correctly for posting, so that important details such as indentation are displayed. One technique for formatting code is to precede and follow it with lines of three successive backquotes, and with a python label on the first of those two lines, as below:

# example of Python code
for i in range(10):
    print("Hello, world!")

Another means of formatting code is to select it, and then to click the </> button within the toolbar at the top of the editing window.

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