How can I delete my email from my packages?

Hello everyone,

So, I deleted my personal email from my GitHub history, but my email is still visible at PyPI on the libraries I published. Is there anything I can do to remove my personal email from PyPI?

Assuming you’re referring to the author_email/maintainer_email metadata field shown under the “Meta” section on the left of project pages, I believe your only option is to delete all the releases you’ve made that expose your e-mail and upload new ones without that metadata. But is this really that big a problem for you?

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Even then, PyPI never actually deletes the files associated with a release, so all the old release files would still be available with the old email in them.

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If you really really want to delete the file permanately from the file service (maybe because it contains sensitive information that the few people have seen the better), you can contact PyPI admins to remove them manually. But a release is a snapshot in time, more like a Git commit than branch, metadata contained in it is considered accurate at the moment, so you don’t need to worry too much about outdated information, it’s kind of expected.


Thanks everybody!