How can I limit view to only topics that I have authored (or also replied to)?

I’ve authored a few topics in the last several weeks, and I want to see if there are any further posts on those topics. It would take me too long to scroll through the various categories looking for my posts.
The Unread button will filter the posts, but if there’s something that I’ve seen already, it looks like it won’t show up.
Is there a way for me to see all things, and only those things, that I am watching or tracking
Also, what’s the difference between watching and tracking?

There’s a few different possible answers here, depending on what specifically you’re looking for.

  • To see the latest reply on any topic you’ve created, replied to or watched, and whether it is unread, check your notifications list.

  • To see all the topics you’ve authored, see the topics subpage of your Activity list.

  • As you saw, you can click the Unread buttons to filter by topics you created, replied to or watched with unread replies across all categories.

  • To save specific topics to browse later, regardless of their status, use your bookmarks.

Tracking just displays a counter of new replies since you last viewed the thread, while Watching actually sends you notifications for those replies. You can select whether you want to watch or track a post globally, by category, by tag or by post, and you can also set Discourse to auto-track a post if you view it longer than a certain time threshold.

Thanks a bunch!

I’ve discovered that I have a main page for myself, and that’s what I was looking for.

The search bar will offer a filter of ‘just in my posts’ or ‘in all topics…’. It defaults to ‘all topics’.