How can I request a package to be added?

I want to publish called, but I get this error:

The name '' is too similar to an existing project.

How can I bypass this error?

Hello @Mr.Brawler your package name to similar to this package lichess
If your package name to similar to other package in PyPI, PyPI will prevent it because typo squatting. Maybe give your package other name or give name like lichess-api, lichess-demo, cross-lichess, or playlichess.

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Gunung P. Wibisono

I had previously published a package called, although a package called xkcd had already been published,

The actual conflict is with lichesspy · PyPI

After more research, imgflippy and seem to exist.

This is a new policy as of a few months ago, there are likely instances that were created before it was implemented.

@dustin So, is there a way I can contact PyPI and ask them to add the package manually?

@dustin is the PyPI maintainer.

Its ultimately up to him, but why not just rename the package? Even without any malicious intent, the probability of legitimate confusion is high with such a similar name to multiple other packages (lichess, lichesspy, pylichess, python-lichess…). If your package offers something genuinely unique that makes it worth publishing when many similar sounding established alternatives exist, why not help it stand out from the crowed with a more distinct and easily recognizable name?

Also, while it will be normalized, note that “conventional” PEP 503-conforming package names use dashes, where as dots generally used for namespace packages and subpackages. Therefore, your package will be displayed as lichess-py many places, and others (e.g. users attempting to importing it) cannot import it under the same name as the distribution package. Picking a name that avoids punctuation (as PEP 8 recommends) will make it easier for users to adopt and remember your package correctly.


Thanks a lot!