How can we make an e-com website using python and how long will it take

I just came to know about python and wants to build my e-com store. Now a days there are so many CMS(Content Mangaement System) We have in the market like: (Wordpress, shopify, Wix…etc)

But I love coding that’s why I’m considering python. But I’m not so much familiar with python language so I need help/guidance.

I want an e-com store for my product that I hunted. I want to dropship that product through my website and I want to build that website with python. So, Is it possible to create such a website? How long will it take to make such site?


The first thing you should do is get time and first learn Python before trying to build something as big as that. The amount of time it will take you to be such an application varies with experience and resource such as man-power.

So I suggest that the first thing you do is get a code book about Python or take a Python course and then you’ll know what to do next.

You should start with some basic googling:

That will suggest some frameworks to use and tutorials to follow, e.g.
Flask, Django. Then you can check out the frameworks, follow the
tutorials and see how easy you find them.

Then you might like to check out some more specialised searches. Here is
a partial list of Python web frameworks, you might like to see how well
they are suited to e-commerce:

  • Bottle
  • CherryPy
  • Falcon
  • Pyramid
  • Tornado

The question of how long it will take is impossible for us to answer. Do
you mean elapsed time or hours of effort? If you mean elapsed time,
that will depend on whether you can put 18 hours a day into developing
your site, or 18 hours a month. If you mean hours of effort, that
depends on how big your e-commerce site is, how good a programmer you
are, and how experienced you are with Python.